Primo Range  Ultrasound, Stimulation & Combination units (EMS460/960/970/860/660)


The popular Primo units from EMS Physio offers therapist a range of electro therapy units able to deliver the most popular modalities used in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. All the units in the Primo range are easy and intuitive to use, with colour touch screen, pre-programed evidence-based protocol, and programmable memory. Primo Therasonic 460 – Dual frequency ultrasound unit 1 & 3 MHz Primo Interferential 960 - 2/4 pole interferential unit Primo Multidyne 970 – low and medium frequency stimulation outputs (Interferential (2 and 4-pole), Russian, Diadynamic, TENS, Sinusoidal, Faradic, Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Trabert, Medi-Wave and Microcurrentand S/D curve) Primo Combination 860 - Offers dual frequency ultrasound (1MHz and 3MHz) and the complete range of stimulation outputs that can be used individually or simultaneously in combination therapy Primo Vacuum unit - Vacuum unit is designed to be integrated with Primo stimulation and combination units. Please see product leaflets for full details of each unit.
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