CarePump Expert 8 - 8 chambers device for lymphatic drainage (pressotherapy)


The most advanced device in theCarePump range. Features: - 8 chambers - 13 proprietary therapeutic pre-programs of the medical organization - max. pressure: 220 mmHg - Certificate / Accreditation of a medical organization - Actual pressure measurement on the body surface - Precise regulation of pressure, time and speed in steps of 1 - Change of parameters during treatment - Adjustment of the speed of the treatment/ massage - Real time view of the details and therapy progress - Graphical presentation of pre- programs progress - Disable / bypass selected chambers - Reverse pumping option - Modern design - Glass panel with an integrated color touch screen - Patient safety button option - User’s own programs - List of „Favourites” programs - Modification of ‚Ready and quick save’ program - Smart Gradient’ function (mmHg, %, fi nal pressure) - Adjustment of ‚Interval’ function - pause between cycles - Adjustment of ‚Hold’ function - keeping pressure in the chambers - Variable interval for setting the parameter value - Setting of individual pressure in each chamber - Ergonomic navigation keyboard - Features for visually impaired / blind people: voice assistant + special keyboard - Change of language and voice commands with adjustment / off option - Sound of the device being ready to work/end of therapy with the adjustment / off option - Extensive settings and service menu - Password protection on startup of the device - Time code protection of the device’s working time
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