Ostomy bags are used for ostomy patients. All of our products are manufacturing under ISO 13485:2016 standards. Mainly, ostomy bags are produced in a one-piece and two pieces system that you can access according to patients’ needs. One-piece and two pieces of bags are producing as a closed, drainable end in opaque or transparent colors. Two pieces bags have a wide range of sizes such as 70mm, 57mm, 45mm. You can determine the measurements according to the size of the stoma. We as Konfort also produce pediatric colostomy and ileostomy bags used for newborn babies and kids. In addition to these products, the post-op bag is also available which is used for after surgery and bigger stoma. As Konfort; We are here to make the patients lives better. At this point, we are able to provide ostomy accessories such as paste, adhesive remover, barrier cream,belt, and powder.
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