UV Air Purifier OVU-02-2 «Solar Breeze-2»


The Ultraviolet Air Purifier OVU-02-2 disinfects the air and protects you, your family and your colleagues from airborne viruses and bacteria. Disinfection of air occurs upon forced blow out of the housing vent with two low-pressure bactericidal ultraviolet lamps inside the device. The UV irradiation is blocked inside the metal body of the device, which allows using it in the presence of people, including kids, as well as pets and houseplants. Does not emit ozone. Convenient desktop mount and minimalistic design allow the device to fit in the interior of any apartment or office. The Air Purifier is noiseless (up to 24 dB), so it can be used both in the office and in the kid’s bedroom. The device is completed with a replaceable (changeable) dust filter and equipped with a stand for placement on any flat surface.
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