LIV-Trauma is Astrolabe's most comprehensive locking plate system for fixation of small and large bone fractures, in different types of indications and applications. The system has combi-holes in the body of the plates, which allows the insertion of compression screws or locking screws in the same hole. The LIV system has an exclusive feature of 54% increase in material (titanium) in the region of bone contact surface between holes, providing greater resistance to implants. Main features: Combi-holes locking system; Rounded plate ends; Straight plates and anatomic design options; Left and Right plate options; Titanium grade 4 for plates; Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) for screws; Self-tapping screws; Torx screws driving recces. External guides for minimally invasive surgical technique for femur and tibia plates.
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