HEPA Mobile Air FIltration Units


HEPA range is the complete offer of HEPA H14 filtration of mobile air filtration units. We have developed 4 different products to answer hospital and public building needs. In hospitals, our HEPA units are used in semi-critical areas like corridors, anterooms, emergency wards, or patients waiting rooms where they protect patients and healthcare workers from cross-contamination. They are usually in place to prevent contamination of medical units from construction work pollution. HEPA Guardian has an important filtration capacity with a max flow rate of 2,500m3/h. HEPA Sentinel is the compromise between a high flow rate and a small footprint. HEPA3 and HEPA Bulle are the most compact units. They are easy to use in small areas like emergency trauma rooms, dental practice, meeting rooms or restrooms.HEPA Bulle can be installed on the ceiling.
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