Luxury Urine Bag


The Urine Bag is used for urine collection of serious and inconvenient patient in bed for long time. Pull the protecting top from drainage tube and connect with nelaton catheter. This is ready for use after hanging the bag in patient bed using the hanger and hole eyes. Inlet tube: *Smooth surface and kink-resistant *At length of 90 cm, other lengths available as per request *With conical connector, provide an easy and firm connection to the drainage catheters *With needleless sample port for safe urine sampling *With adjustable bed-sheet clamp for securing drain bag tubing. With tube clamp for stopping the urine flow when required *Reinforced hanger with built-in anti-kink drain tube guide *Anti-reflux chamber provides reflux protection without mechanical parts to hinder flow, minimize back flow and increase patient safety. Non-wettable air filter, helps prevent vacuum action and facilitate drainage Outlet: *Available with outlet Push-Pull valve, Screw valve and T valve *Push-Pull valve/ Screw valve: for easy emptying and minimal spillage *T valve: for easy one-handed bag drainage Bag: *With non-return valve to avoid the back flow of urine, increase patient safety *With graduated scales printed on *Color with White or Transparent *Bag capacity with 2000 ml for standard use; 4000 ml for use with continuous bladder irrigation *Bag with air filter to help prevent vacuum action and facilitate drainage
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