[ISO 13485, CE Mark Approved] 1. Description : This product is a type of gauze containing kaolin. It is used for local hemostasis to support hemostatic compression or physical pressure on the wound, and there is a blue X-ray detectable line. When the injured area is pressed, this product absorbs the blood to help hemostasis. Through this principle, this product is used for the management of hemorrhage on local wound, such as percutaneous puncture, by applying physical pressure to it. 2. Indication : It can be used to manage hemorrhage by applying physical pressure to local puncture, laceration and abrasion. It can also be used as a temporary treatment for surgical wound during and after dermatological surgery 3. Type & Size 1) Z-FOLD : 7.6cm x 3.7m (57-Ply, 7.6cm x 6.3cm) 2) 2X2 : 10cm x 15 cm (6-Ply, 5cm(2inch) x 5cm(2inch)) 3) 4X4 : 20cm x 20 cm (4-Ply, 10cm(4inch) x 10cm(4inch)) 4) INTERVENTIONAL PAD : 3.8cm x 107 cm (27-Ply Pad, 3.8cm(1.5inch) x 3.8cm(1.5inch))
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Samyang Holdings CorporationZ3.F30Samyang Holdings started off as a Samyang Corporation’s Pharmaceutical Division. In 2011, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals was established as a split-off of Samyang Corporation’s Pharmaceutical Division, and in 2021, in order to stably procure funding sources required for mid and long-term investments, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals was absorbed by Samyang Holdings. Currently, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division is providing anticancer drugs and surgical suture to around 150 clients in 45 different countries.Based on our future vision: 'Value Generating Pharma Company‘, we have been focusing all our R&D and innovative capabilities on the field of medical biotechnology that is a core area of the 21st century.To achieve this vision, our Pharmaceutical Business will expand their portfolio of the DDS-based anticancer drug and develop innovative global new drugs through discovery of drug candidates in the U.S.Furthermore, the MD division will strengthen the competitiveness of the existing suture business through continuous growth in its global core market and subsequently expand the new portfolio on absorbable materials.In addition, we completed the construction of Samyang Discovery Center in Pangyo Techno Valley in 2016 and established Samyang Biopharm USA Inc. in 2018. This establishment will serve as a strong foundation for Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division to thrive globally as an innovative R&D-based global pharmaceutical company.