GD/HS20F   Transparent Contrastive Intramuscular Injection System


GD/HS20F Transparent Contrastive Intramuscular Injection System is designed based on the principles of anatomical structure and combined with the content of basic nursing textbooks. It is the latest model developed by our company to compare the upper arm muscle injection with electronic alarm device and the transparent upper arm anatomy. The transparent design on the right side of the model can display the upper arm anatomy, including the clavicle, scapula, humerus, brachial plexus and blood vessels. In particular, the position of the brachial plexus and its branches can be observed, which is conducive to teaching and training comparison, and prevents damage to the axillary nerve , Improve the patient's treatment effect. The model adopts artificial skin, and the skin material adopts imported plastic elastomer material, which is made by high temperature casting process of stainless steel mold. The texture is real, durable, and there is no obvious trace of needle entry.
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