Robot assisted gait training system, Walkbot


WALKBOT, the innovative robot-assisted gait rehabilitation training system with the world’s first successfully implemented functions, was designed for locomotion impaired patients caused by Stroke, SCI, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other diseases related to neurorehabilitation. Based on clinical effectiveness on gait training and excellent quality of WALKBOT, it has been installed and operated worldwide, including the Middle East, Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. <Product Line Up> For Adult -Walkbot_Premium -Walkbot_S -Walkbot_G For Pediatric -Walkbot_K -Walkbot_G(K) <Features> • The world's first hip-knee-ankle interlimb coordinated robot training. • Individually customized natural gait pattern generating software. • Automatic leg length adjustment of the robotic orthosis. • Real-time body weight support system. • Useful training modes (Passive, interactive, assistive training modes) • Stimulation of human senses for neuroplasticity encouragement; Auditory(Metronome), Visual(Front Camera), Tactile(3D Game/Sport) • Various assessment tools (ROM, Stiffness, Force measurements) • Real-time biofeedback through augmented reality software. • CE, FDA, CFDA, SFDA, ISO 13485, etc., certified. • Clinically proven equipment.
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