GD/HS10B   Transparent Contrastive Intramuscular Injection Buttocks


The newly developed but tocks intramuscular injection training and comparative hip anatomy model is designed according to anatomical structure principle, features electronic alarming device,comparison of transparent hip anatomy structure. The left transparent side shows the but tocks anatomy structure inc luding bones, muscles,nerves,especially can observe the position of ischiadic nerve to Avoid damaging the nerves. The model allows medical college students to directly learn and master but tocks intramuscular injection method, prevent damaging the ischiadic nerve and improve the treatment effect. The model is made of simulative skin, features vivid apperance, realistic touch feeeling, and unobvious needle trace. And it is applicable to Medical College, Nursing College, and Medical Technical College, Health Schools and clinical worker' s intramuscular injection demonstration and students' operation training.
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