Range of Mitsu PP Side Railings with Bracket Mechanism


Side railings in Plastic complements the Moulded Head bow & Foot bow aesthetically. The feature of duck down railing with just a push of a button with the help of gas spring in the bracket. The push capacity is 80 kgs. We have an in-house manufacturing facility of these brackets with separate assembly line for the fitments. provision of angle indicator on the side rail which helps knowing the exact position of the bed while using motorized beds. Few of our customised side railings displayed here. Mitsu PP Side Railings with Bracket Mechanism (MSR1-Miroku): Gives a curved finish of our side rail, it enhances the look of the whole bed. Mitsu PP Big Side Railings with Bracket Mechanism (MSR2-Minana): Provision of embedded remote panel on the side rail. Two side rails on one side covers the full length of the bed, thus not leaving any trap gaps in the bed. Mitsu PP Side Railings with Bracket Mechanism (MSR3-Mihachi): Provision of embedded remote panel on the side rail. Box type aesthetic of the railing gives it a unique look.
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MITSU CHEM PLAST LIMITEDCB30Mitsu has now made a mark for itself in the plastic moulded medical furniture space in India; being a pioneer manufacturer in India, of high-end and innovative products. Mitsu continues to extend customized delivery solutions and accessible post-sales service at a time when there is a growing need for quality medical furniture and a clamor for professional services. Products offer pleasing aesthetics and finish; they can be customized to suit designs, décor and color schemes. Further, a well-engineered combination of material use not only makes the products sturdy, but also extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. We provide custom moulding solutions to our customers to specifically cater to the customer’s requirements and to have an edge over competitors and as per the market trends. We also render design and provide technical assistance at every stage of the development of the mould to ensure correct and precise solutions. With long standing experience, Mitsu continues to forge ahead with innovation & play a vital role by providing optimum innovative solutions with superior quality products matching the international standards with existing technologies in India inturn helping the OEMs to improve the quality of care.We offer various models of Plastic moulded Head Bow/Foot Bow and Side Railings. In addition to these, we also make Over Bed Table Top, Bed Side Locker Parts, Buffer Wheels, Bed Board Platform, Spine Board etc.At Mitsu, value engineering and catering to customer's demands are the cause for new innovations, thus Mitsu stands true to its policy of 'Continuous Innovation'.