Medimat next generation, pack picking robot - available for hospital and retail pharmacy


One of the biggest challenges hospital and retail pharmacy’s face is under and overstocked medication shelves whilst making sure they have the right medication available at the right time for the right patient. How can automation help with this? Omnicell's next generation, pack picking robot can automate the storing, management and dispensing of medication packs. Deciding to automate and adopt Omnicell robotic technology is your first step to revolutionising your central or retail pharmacy by saving time, money and helping to reduce human errors. Our new solution will make your transition from manual processes to automating your pharmacy easy, seamless and rewarding. As we work together to realign workflows and train your teams, you will immediately start to see the range of benefits of the robotic solution. What sets this robotic dispensing solution apart from other pack picking pharmacy robots? • Fully automated overnight loading processes with patented conveyor technology that separates packs before they reach the scanning table. • Middleware module to automate the management of park packs. • Scan station is integrated and includes 4 cameras in the standard solution. • With a loading speed of up to 750 packs per hour, Omnicell’s direct mode is one of the fastest on the market. • For hospital pharmacy, the robot integrates with Omnicell’s point of care, ward-based technology providing automated efficiency that eliminates human errors from medication pack dispensing in central pharmacy to administration medication to patients. • For retail pharmacy, the robot can be incorporated with the Xpress feature which is designed to handle high demand pack volumes. Immediate benefits include speeding up dispensing at peak times, more efficiency, eliminates human errors and more customer facing time.
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