TIME-SYNCHRONIZED MULTIMODAL DATA The Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) off ers a turn-key solution to complex informatics challenges which would otherwise require significant overhead and IT investment. The CNS Monitor is a neuro-focused patient monitor that supports connectivity with multiple external devices. The Micromed® File Manager software interfaces seamlessly with Moberg’s CNS to create a comprehensive view of patient data in real-time, remotely or post-acquisition. CNS Monitor » Collect high-resolution, time-synchronized physiology from 30+ ICU devices » Support immediate intervention with customizable displays both at the bedside and remotely CNS EEG » Time-synchronize continuous EEG with systemic physiology » Compatible with Persyst® and Micromed’s File Manager » The preferred platform for research on slow potentials, such as spreading depolarizations » Record high-resolution video and audio with the CNS PTZ camera (US only) Support decision-making, individualized care and patient safety » Assist care providers in their efforts to prevent, detect, and treat secondary neuronal injury » Support nursing education with animated tutorials » Support specific clinical needs with customized protocols and displays » Create a powerful ICU tool by combining patient data with informaticsand database solutions
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