Boaray 3000D Ventilator


Cost-effective ventilator with high accuracy and stability by adopting the world leading brand key components. Key Features Comprehensive ventilation modes to ensure the ventilation needs of different type of patients - VCV(Min. 20ml in VC mode), PCV, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, SPONT/CPAP, DualPAP, PRVC, NPPV,HFNC. - Flow Support technology Intuitive user interface - 10.1 inch TFT screen with big font view for easy observation - Touch screen & nevigation knob for simple operation - Simultaneous display of 3 waveforms and 2 loops - Important parameters can be monitored and displayed on the screen: RSB, P0.1, NIF, Cdyn, Rcexp, etc. Compact industrial design - Detachable & autoclavable expiratory assembly - Extremely quiet medical air compressor - Lithium battery life: Minimum 2 hours
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