STERIGERMS solution allows to treat the biomedical waste as close as possible to the source of its occurrence. It achieves this with minimal installation efforts as well as minimal maintenance and operational costs. STERIGERMS technology involves isolating medical waste into a specially designed Steribag, placing the bag containing the waste into the machine and treating it with dry heat (150°C) and compression. The end result will be biomedical waste that is transformed into inert disk, which can be disposed as common household waste. STERIGERMS machines are compact, mobile, easy to install and operate thanks to an intuitive touchscreen and ergonomic design. They are easily mobilised around the health care facility due to plug & play technology which only requires a standard power supply 220/230V. STERIGERMS solution allows to treat: containers with needles, syringes, scalpels, sharp blades, COVID-19 infected swabs, bandages, dressings, protective clothing, gloves, masks, glass having contained blood or secretions, catheters, tubes and other disposable medical sets. STERIGERMS 12 litres can treat up to 50 kg of biomedical waste daily and has electrical consumption only 1 kw/h. It generates not only low operating costs but also a reduced environmental footprint.
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