Electronic Ambulatory PCA Pump (Model : AutoMed series)


1. Introduction - AutoMed 3400® is an electronically powered PCA pump, designed for where precise and accurate infusion is required. - AutoMed 3400® works with three disposable sets as below 1) 100ml fluid bag with luer lock tubing set 2) 350ml fluid bag with luer lock tubing set 3) Tubing set with spike type (Compatible with other fluid bags) 2. Advantages - High accuracy in flow rate - Various bag options and compatible with other fluid bags - Simple operation - Easy to prime - LCD monitor can help monitor administration, flow rate, bolus dose, and lock-out time - Small and lightweight - Fixed password provides security and patient safety 3. Specification Flow rate : 0.1 - 50.0 ml/h Bolus dose : 0.1 - 50.0 ml Lockout time : 1.0 - 60min. Volume : Can be connected various medicinal bag Description : Reusable type, PCA function, LED display Alarm : Low battery, Occlusion, End of infusion, System malfunction
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