Blood/Fluid Warming System (Ace Warming System ll)


1. Introduction - Blood/Fluid Warming System is used for a patient who needs a lot of blood as bleeding or going through various surgical operations to prevent patients from hypothermia - It consists of Pressure Infuser (Model : AutoPC ll), Blood/Fluid Warmer (Model : AutoMer ll), and its disposable administration set - Ace Warming System ll Supplies infusion solutions or blood at 30,000ml/hr by the pressure chamber - The hot plate warms blood/fluid at between 37℃ to 41℃, and Ace Warming System ll provides ideal infusion temperature 2. Advantages - Application of the whole system by only one power cable - Simple installation & operation - Various setting temperature from 37℃ to 41℃ (Increment 1℃) - With two different disposable sets, Ace Warming System ll meets various needs for each case at the flow rate, ranging from KVO to 30,000ml/hr - Stand-alone use of AutoMer ll can give customers more options to choose from - Ace Warming System ll Rapidly supplies two warmed infusion solutions or blood at the same time - Convenient design attaches to a standard IV pole and connects to a standard electrical outlet - Hot plate technology minimizes potential infection risks associated with water tank systems - Safety alarm function with audible warning can contribute to the prevention of any unexpected event - Communication system between AutoMer ll and AutoPC ll helps maintain setting temperature for blood/fluid until the completion of the infusion 3. Specification AutoMer ll Classification (IEC 60601-1) : Class 1 Classification (MDD 93/94/EEC) : Class 2b Power : 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz Temperature Setting Range : 37℃ to 41℃ (Increment 1℃) Time to reach setting temperature : less than 60 seconds Alarm : Over temperature at 42℃ / Low temperature at 33℃ Delivery flow rate : Max 30,000ml/hr (300mmHg) AutoPC ll Classification (IEC 60601-1) : Class 1 Classification (MDD 93/94/EEC) : Class 2b Type : General Type / Rechargeable Type Input : 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz Pressure Range : 0 - 40
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