Catheter/Tubing Securement Fixation Patch (Model : AceGrip/WingGrip)


1. Introduction - AceGrip gives you an ideal fixation to stabilize catheters and tubing, designed to enhance patient safety and comfort by grabbing catheters and tubings 2. Advantages - Superior and Strong Securement with highly elastic and soft adhesive pad - AceGrip reduces dislodgement or movement caused by humidity and maintain the constant adherence to skin - Various range in size - Waterproof film covers its surface to prevent secondary infection - Flexible and high-quality velcro used - Simple application - Versatility for all securement 3. Specification AceGrip - Large, Medium, Small, CVC, PICC AceGrip Levin - Standard, Pediatric AceGrip Levin Plus - Small, Large, Pediatric AceLock - Epidural Catheter Securement AceLock Plus - I.V Catheter Securement 4. Specification for WingGrip WingGrip CVC WingGrip Foley WingGrip I.V
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