Compact Color Doppler Diagnostic Scanner ・Wide 12.1 inch LCD screen ・Simple and easy operation keyboard ・Clear and rich monochrome image by H-res ・Easy handling by light weight trolley with durable wheel 【Overview】 Excellent ultrasound images “H-res” Our original image enhancement technology H-res (Our Resolution Technology) The development of ultrasound technology over the years, crystallized into the image enhancing technology as "H-res". Optimum image can be achieved by adjusting the "H-res" parameter for each application and probe. *Resolution visualizes delicate tissue structure in shallower region. *Penetration visualizes good resolution in deeper organs. *Boundary visualizes bones for observation. *Clarity reduces the noise in blood vessel. *Mild reduces the image enhancement effect. *OFF has direct ultrasound image. 【Doppler Mode】 HS-2700 SUPPORTS CFM(Color Flow Mapping) and PD(Power Doppler)modes. They will adapt to a wide range of medical application. Additionally, HS-2700 has two kinds of ROI types.(BOX, Vertical)  【Preset register】 Favorite presetting can be registered simply and recalled easily. 【Body mark】 Variety of body marks are prepared to supports various diagnostic scenes. 【USB port】 Movie file and still image can be stored to the USB memory and accessed in personal computers. Approx. 100 images are stored in the system memory. 【Probes】 ・Liner Probe (11.0/9.0/6.0MHz 40mm) HLS-594M (10.0/7.5/5.0MHz 50mm) HLS-575M ・Convex Probe (5.0/3.5/2.8MHz 60R) HCS-436M (5.0/3.5/2.8MHz 60R) HCS-436MSC ・Micro-Convex Probe (9.0/7.5/5.0 MHz 10R) HCS-572M ・Trans vaginal probe (9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 10R) HCS-4710MV
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