Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanner HS-1600


【Excellent ultrasound images】 Mobile body with highest image quality of ultrasound diagnostic that representing scanning region in detail. 【Compact body, easy to carry】 Easy to carry light compact body of approximately 3kg and reduce user's physical strains during scanning in house call and outdoors. 【Doppler functions】 Honda Color Flow Mapping (CFM) and Power Doppler(PD) functions do no degrade Black and White image quality when in use.            (CFM and PD available for HLS-882MT, HCS-736M, HCS-8712M, HLS-884M, HCS-7710MV)        【Wide range of 170°viewing angle】 Wide viewing angle liquid crystal display has 170°angle in horizontal and vertical. It made free angle diagnosis possible in limited operating environments. 【Preset register】 Favorite presetting can be registered simply and recalled easily. 【Body mark】 Variety of body marks are prepared to supports various diagnostic scenes. 【Both battery and AC power usable】 Integrated high performance lithium ion battery in the body realizes 3hours use in the place without power supply. Equipped report function of battery lasting time makes battery sign lights to inform when lasting time becomes short. 【Usable in any places】 High luminance liquid crystal display with glass bonding treatment enhances visibility, diagnosis images are clearly projected even under the direct sunlight.Liquid crystal display gets no fogged even when temperatures and humidity varies rapidly. 【Simple operation 】 Minimum number of operation buttons or keys made interface simpler, easily operated. 【USB port】 Movie file and still image can be stored to the USB memory and accessed in personal computers. Approx. 100 images are stored in the system memory. 【Probes】 Linear Probe (11.0/8.5/6.0MHz 40mm)HLS-884M Micro Convex Probe (9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 12R)HCS-8712M Convex Prove(5.0/3.5/2.8MHz 60R)HCS-736M Trans vaginal probe (9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 12R)HCS-7710MV T-Shaped probe (11.0/8.5/6.0MHz 15mm+25mm) HLS-882MT
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