Oral Irrigators


B.Well oral irrigators are effective devices for daily oral hygiene of every family member to maintain dental health and beauty. Advantages: • have a pulse mode of operation. Thin, pulsating high-pressure waterjet effectively removes food residues, soft plaque and bacteria. It prevents the formation of dental caries and periodontal diseases; • gently and effectively cares for the artificial structure in the oral cavity; • improves blood circulation and provides gum massage; • the pulsations are uniform, therefore safe. Water pulsation frequency is 1400 - 1800 imp/min.; • complete cleaning is ensured by the nozzles rotation 360 degrees; • three modes for comfortable usage; • different type of nozzles; • low noise level. The B.Well range consists of PRO and TECHNO portable and fixed oral irrigators. PRO line provides professional care available for every family. TECHNO line has the advantages of state of the art technologies for complex care. The PRO line is represented by WI-911 and WI-912 portable oral irrigators, WI-922 fixed oral irrigators, and by a new PRO-913 oral mini portable irrigator. The TECHNO line is represented by WI-912 portable irrigator. Irrigators of various lines differ in capacities and configurations. Depending on the configuration, B.Well irrigators have: a high power up to 827 kPa that provides full teeth cleaning; 150 - 600 ml water tank capacity; standard, orthodontic, periodontal, implant, bridge, crown, veneer and for tongue cleaning nozzles. Portable irrigators have three modes for comfortable usage: normal for efficient hygiene, soft for sensitive teeth, pulse for therapeutic gingival massage. Fixed irrigator has ten modes of operation (smooth power adjustment). All devices are convenient to use: noise level is low, they are compact, lightweight and easy to travel, hardly takes up bathroom space, and comfortable in charging. B.Well fixed irrigator is suitable for use by the whole family, portable ones are for 1-2 persons.
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B.Well Swiss AGSA.K51B.Well Swiss AG is a global company that develops home health care solutions and orthopedic products. Our mission is to create medical devices that help people take care of each other and protect their health, therefore to make millions of families happy. The company was founded in Switzerland in 2004, and has a presence in more than 20 countries.  Our Key benefits:       a balanced product range focused on the best-sellers in the market;       home health care solutions and orthopedic products under one brand name;       affordable products for everyone with professional quality;       Swiss quality control and CE certified;       attractive self-explaining and modern package design, motivating to make a purchase.  B.Well Swiss has developed a wide range of medical devices: Blood pressure monitors / Sphygmomanometers;       Nebulizers;       Digital and infrared thermometers;       Oral care solutions;       Baby care solutions;      Body monitoring solutions.  B.Well Swiss Rehab is another line of the company that includes:       Corsets and medical bandages;       Compression hosiery;       Orthopedic insoles;       Supporting belts;       Walking aids. B.Well products comply with international quality standards for medical devices and orthopedic products (ISO 13485, BS 6612) and are CE certified. The implementation of these standards confirms the status of B.Well as a reliable partner who offers long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Our products are safe, effective, reliable and easy to use. The secret of our success is the unique combination of innovative developments and proven technologies. The high quality of B.Well Swiss product family relies on cooperation with specialized ​research institutes and high-end professionals like engineers and doctors​ worldwide.