STERISAFE PRO - Automated room & equipment disinfection device


STERISAFE's flagship product, the STERISAFE PRO is a result of 8 years of development and is an engineered vessel for our Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle technology (FDDC). With STERISAFE PRO you get the FDDC technology in a mobile unit, for disinfection of rooms and equipment contaminated with viruses, bacteria and fungus. The Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle technology provides a process to disinfect air and surfaces from all harmful pathogens, such as virus, bacteria and even the so-called superbugs, the antibiotic resistant bacteria. The process is 100% chemical free. STERISAFE PRO is operated remotely via a tablet or other mobile device to make sure the operator is never in contact with the biocide. During the disinfection cycle the room is monitored closely and all the data is visible live, on the tablet. This ensures that the operator knows the concentration of the biocide at all times. The tablet will automatically inform the operator when ozone have been successfully removed and the room is safe to enter
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