Omnicell SupplyX  - Reduce medical supplies waste, reduce errors


Omnicell’s SupplyX is an inventory management solution that automates the stock-taking process and runs real time, stock level information, web-based dashboards and hosts a reporting suite to improve the traceability of all medical supplies moving through hospital sites. The solution can integrate with other hospital reporting systems so you can control and report on open and closed stores for both top-up and perpetual inventory management. Scanning of medical supplies can be done with handheld scanners, tablets, or a mobile telephone. These can be used in conjunction with cabinet systems or stand alone in open storerooms, theatres or laboratories. The ability to use this software on a range of handheld devices means that it’s ideal for large storerooms or case picking rooms where staff are picking supplies for multiple patients at the same time. Real-time data on your stock levels can be ran at the touch of a button via a device such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This help reduces unforeseen stock outs through re-orders based on current stock levels rather than weekly or monthly orders. Expiry tracking and automated supplier expiry alerts flag stock to be rotated, reducing out-of-date waste. Ordering of stock is fully automated and restocking and receipting is also tracked and managed by the system. The software allows hospitals to track and cost everything at a patient, procedure and consultant level, providing an understanding of cross-department spending and allowing for the most economic and efficient care pathways to be identified and adopted. As well as improving patient safety in the event of any product recall, Omnicell’s SupplyX technology also reduces manual time spent on managing and ordering stock so staff time can be redirected back into face-to-face patient care.
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