Cellbox Flight CDI


Cellbox Flight CDI - a portable CO2 incubator for the transport of living cell cultures, tissues and other cell-based samples. It is the first cell shipping CO2 incubator that has been awarded an international flight allowance. It provides lab-like incubation conditions during transport – by road, rail, sea and even air. The Cellbox Flight CDI is completely self-sufficient, because of an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and a CO2 conditioning system that relies on dry-ice sublimation. The device is simple to use and the internal parameters can be programmed by the user. Data logs of the internal conditions are continuously collected and can easily be exported to an iOS/Android smart device with Bluetooth connectivity using our Cellbox App. By providing the ideal transport conditions, simply packaging and transferring the material to the Cellbox Flight CDI before transport, the need to freeze, thaw and recover cells and tissues is eliminated. Reducing the risks of altering cell structures by cold chain logistics is not the only advantage the Cellbox has - Cells arrive ready to use! CELLBOX Flight CDI KEY FEATURES - Suitable for various types of living cells Controlled atmosphere 0 - 18 % CO2 - Constant temperature between 28 °C to 38 °C - Constant data logging & bluetooth data export Capacity of 2 x 5 multi-well plates - SBS standard can also be used with bags, flasks and other cell culture vessels - Measurements: (LHW) 535 / 340 / 380 mm; 21.0 / 13.4 / 15.0 inch - Total weight: 17 kg - Shockproof and stable, easy to handle - Rechargeable battery for mobile operation of ≥ 24 hours - Fulfillment of logistics standards - Enables worldwide air and ground transportation
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