DKSORTHO NAILING SYSTEM / Nail / Trauma/ implants / ortho / orthopedics


An interlocking nail is a nail placed within the medullary cavity of a long bone secured in position by proximal and distal transfixing screws to provide axial, bending and torsional stability. They are best suited for diaphyseal fractures and particularly useful in cases with extensive comminution. They permit early return to limb function with the added advantage of minimal soft tissue morbidity. Common places for application are the femur, humerus, and tibia. Due to the curvature of the canine femur, shorter nails than would ideally be used are often required. In some cases, the femur is repaired in a slightly straighter alignment than it was prior to fracture.Interlocking nails come in different lengths, thicknesses, and vary in their number of screw holes.Each has a numerical code to identify their specifications and allow for proper selection prior to application.
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