Consis H. The future of high-volume dispensing, including automated loading. Consis H robots are designed to deliver all items from one prescription within seconds and allow parallel automated loading at a superior speed. Does your pharmacy operation demand a speedy delivery of all fast and medium-moving products? Do you want to be prepared for growing prescription volume? Would you like to increase safety, focus on better customer service and health advice, and still make more sales? The Consis H robot from Willach gives you it all. Consis H means speed: A prescription consisting, for example, of seven packages can be dispensed in an average of just 11 seconds – which means up to 2,500 packages per hour in ideal conditions. While it is useful to have dispensing reserves for peak hours, the bottleneck on all robotic systems is the loading speed – especially when it comes to automated loading. But, thanks to its automated four-channel loading station and its fast two-channel loading manipulator, the Consis H can deliver an impressive loading speed of up to 2,000 packages per hour. Consis H means ease of use: Thanks to our intuitive Consis Navigator software, you can easily control and check all processes using the touchscreen monitor attached directly to the robot. Consis H means saving space: The channel principle of the Consis H provides very high storage density. Up to 13,500 packages can be stored and fully automatically dispensed on a footprint of just 9.1 m². Consis H means reliability: The Consis H is a reliable addition to any pharmacy due to its modern technology and ease of use. Even if your electricity cuts out, the dispensing can be continued manually thanks to the dedicated medicine-channel allocation. THE FUTURE OF HIGH-VOLUME DISPENSING, INCLUDING AUTOMATED LOADING
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