Fast, compact, efficient. CONSIS robotic dispensers. Consis B makes the storage and dispensing of medicines simple and efficient. The cost-effective use of all resources is a key factor in the efficiency of your pharmacy. A CONSIS automation solution from Willach creates the optimum conditions to achieve this goal. The Consis B robotic dispenser can be integrated into the workflow of your pharmacy seamlessly and without difficulty. It uses very little space while providing maximum flexibility and performance. The first step is a clear analysis of the dispensing process in your pharmacy – the result will be improved efficiency, including smoother workflows and satisfied customers. The solution model described here is based on the 80/20 principle and is particularly suited for pharmacy concepts in which the optimum cost-benefit ratio is of the greatest importance. The heart of the pharmacy concept described here is the Consis B robotic dispenser which stores the fast moving medicine packages accounting for approximately 80% of the packages dispensed on a daily basis. The FAMA pharmacy drawer system provides optimal storage for the remaining 20% of the product range. The most important thing is the appropriate partitioning of the stock, divided according to frequency of demand. In addition, it should be easily accessible, without the pharmacist having to disappear out of the customer‘s sight. Finally, the combination of 80% and 20% creates 100% customer satisfaction. Consis B integrates perfectly into the architecture of your pharmacy with innovative design and a wide choice of colours and materials.
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