FAMA Shelving System for community and hospital outpatient pharmacies In community and hospital outpatient pharmacies, the FAMA Shelving System provides simple and fast access to all items. Fast movers can be stored on FAMA Round Shelves or in FAMA Sloping Trays and slow movers in FAMA Drawers below the worktops. FAMA Shelving System for hospital inpatient pharmacies In hospital inpatient pharmacies, you need fast and neat product stocking to quickly dispense large quantities of medicines and consumables such as disposable items and bandages. With the FAMA Shelving System 300 and 500 you are guaranteed to find the ideal configuration for your particular requirements. FAMA Shelving System for hospital wards To store medicines and items for daily use on hospital wards, Willach offers a combined system of shelf and worktop with the FAMA Worktop Shelf. Our customers find the optional extras particularly useful, such as integrated drawers for the dust-free storage of hygiene items and the directed lighting for individual work areas.
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