Modern pharmacies work with FAMA For more than 40 years Willach has been setting standards as the market leader in the production of pharmacy equipment. Europe’s most modern pharmacies are using FAMA drawers instead of inefficient open-shelf storage. Willach's FAMA drawers provide the highest quality and precision with proven performance. Due to well thought-out design and advanced technology they can last a whole generation of pharmacists and even longer. Benefits: Professional appearance: The whole back-office work area becomes tidy, well organised and professional. Space gain: Compared to open shelves, drawers achieve much higher storage density. That creates more space for additional work surfaces, consulting rooms or shelves for retail products. Improved organisation: Product storage is clearly arranged so packs can be found more quickly. That saves time and minimises errors when dispensing packages. Ergonomic work environment: The self-closing mechanism means that the drawer closes almost automatically. The integrated carriage step allows for easy access to the upper drawers. Safely protected: The drawers can be locked to protect the medicines against unauthorised access.
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