Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno


Even with the most advanced reprocessing, there is always a risk, however small, of patient cross-contamination. The FDA has called for an innovative solution to this issue. aScope Duodeno solves the problem. aScope Duodeno is a sterile single-use duodenoscope for ERCP procedures. It helps you address concerns about patient cross-contamination and patient safety. Sterile straight from the pack aScope Duodeno eliminates the risk of patient cross-contamination because you receive a new sterile scope straight from the pack for every procedure. No need for reprocessing or repair With single-use, there is no need for reprocessing or repair. As a result, you can free up staff to focus on other valuable tasks. A seamless transition The single-use aScope Duodeno is designed to deliver the performance of conventional duodenoscopes.
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