ECG multiparameter monitor


D8 Series monitors are specially designed for neonates, and provide more comprehensive data monitoring based on neonatal blood pressure, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen and other physiological signs. LCD screen No fan design 360° warning light Pulse oximetry monitoring function Improve CCHD screening sensitivity to 93%; reduce the incidence of severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP); with 3% missing alarms and 5% false alarms Carbon dioxide measurement technology Measure end-tidal carbon dioxide partial pressure, inhaled carbon dioxide partial pressure, and breathing rate Blood pressure module technology Provide software and hardware dual overpressure protection, provide accurate blood pressure monitoring for newborns ECG algorithm Professional ECG algorithm Hemoglobin monitoring function Non-invasive, continuous measurement of methemoglobin in the blood (D8S) Dual blood oxygen function Optional blood oxygen plug-in box to monitor the blood oxygen parameters of the newborn's hands and feet Operate by touch and jog dial Increase work efficiency. NEO-II: Designed according to the latest clinical resuscitation guidelines of the American Association of Pediatric Associations (APP, NRP) and the International Federation of First Aid and Resuscitation (ILCOR) AC-200A/B It is able to be combined with pneumatic medical device like air/oxygen blender, CPAP and ventilator to supply high-quality medical air. · Able to be combined with pneumatic medical device Like air/oxygen blender, CPAP and ventilator · Air filtration system Three-stage air filtration system to ensure air quality · Noise reduction function The noise of the whole machine is lower than 55dB · Dual air output structure Meet the simultaneous use of multiple clinical equipment
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