Infant Incubator


YP-3100 is a unique multifunctional infant incubator, which can quickly switch the dual working mode of the incubator and the warming platform, providing a stable and continuous warm environment for the baby. The three-in-one product intergrating incubating+first aid+monitoring gives new definition for NICU and meets various requirements with up and down motion. YP-2200B is an infant incubator. Its design is based on the concept of snug. While keeping temperature constantly stable, it provides quiet and comfortable nurturing environment. YP-2100B: Infant incubator + patient monitor for newborns, dedicated to specialists, creating an integrated mode of incubating and monitoring, providing exclusive solutions for NICU, making equipment management more scientific. TI-2100B is a transport incubator used for short-distance transportation of premature infants. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, while maintaining a constant temperature, it provides a more convenient transfer operation process and creates a comfortable transfer environment.
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