LABAT Premium Anesthesia AI Ultrasound


Labat: World Premium Anesthesia AI Ultrasound with Full Touch Screen - Focus on anesthesia & pain management, support customized presettings on General Imaging, Anesthesia & Pain Management - 21.3-inch full touch screen LED monitor, flicker free - Standard 4 probe connectors - AI automatic recognition on nerve, muscle, vessel, bone - TEE probe supported in the future - Support button probes for remote control - Liquid disinfection supported including panel - Electrical height adjustment - Exclusive needle guidance: wiNeddle – intelligent in-plane needle enhancement wiGuide – in-plane & out of plane needle enhancement - wiLearn – professional education software, shorten learning curve - NYSORA official education software especially on regional anesthesia application - wiCloud – connect your system to sonographers, educators, customer service, even your colleagues - wiShow – video recording, share and exchange thoughts online
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