UBT is an innovative biomedical startup that is ushering in a new era of diagnostic imaging with its leading product, MammoWave®. As an image diagnosis technology based on 1-9ghz band low power microwave, MammoWave® is currently the only effective screening technique for young women with dense breast tissue, effectively avoiding the masking effects of other imaging examinations, eliminating the need for additional tests, improving diagnostic efficiency while reducing the cost of testing, and the testing is non-compressive on the breast, which can increase the comfort of patients. Moreover, the most attractive aspect of this revolutionary technology is that it avoids the inevitable ionizing radiation of common imaging methods and is a truly safe and green imaging test. Previously, breast cancer screening was limited to women between the ages of 50 and 69 due to the risk of ionizing radiation, while Mammowave ® can expand the screening to women aged 20 to 70, which will revolutionize the female breast health market.

MammoWave is clinically validated; CE Mark was

obtained in 2020 and ISO13485 Quality Certification in 2021. UBT SRL has

been awarded numerous H2020 grants, including SME Inst Phase 2 (GA:

830265), MSCA-RISE-2019 (GA: 872752), FET (GA: 101017098).

In addition, UBT's StrokWave technology and LungWave technology for early diagnosis of stroke and lung cancer are also under research and development, and can be used for pre-court detection and classification of stroke in the future.

UBT was chosen among the 20 most innovative European companies financed by the EIC (European Innovation Council) see the link


(EU-EIC Pavillon, 3nd Hall, stand Z3.H10 booth 17)

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