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We are a Polish company in which we have combined the knowledge and experience of a doctor, fashion designer and marketer to finally mix things up. Clothes should be comfortable, good quality and eco.

Our clothes - colors, patterns and styles - were developed in consultation with doctors, nurses, medics and healthcare professionals. We know what is missing in scrubs and what you like and we decided to combine it by adding a few solutions from each other!

When choosing scrubs, aprons or uniforms, you are often forced to compromise: nice color - but the quality is so-so, good cut - but no pockets, tight chest - but a baggy waist ... At VIRAL MD we say enough! You often spend most of the day wearing your clothes, so you have the right to have the scrubs support you in your professional duties, especially since they are not the lightest! That is why we focus on wise design that will emphasize the best features of each figure, ensure comfort of work, adapt to the needs and allow you to express yourself - with color, print and unusual fashion.

We know that local actions can have global effects, which is why we try to responsibly approach the topic of fashion and sustainable development. That is why we focus on transparency and try to use the latest materials and good practices that make our clothes have a lower impact on the environment.

We have introduced ecological solutions at every stage of scrubs production - from choosing more eco-friendly materials, through local, Polish production, to cardboard packaging without plastic! We know that small steps can lead to big changes, so we carefully analyzed the entire path of scrubs from the first thread to the customer.

Scrubsy VIRAL MD is made of high-quality materials that can be washed at high temperatures and will withstand even the most intense night on the ward.

We kindly invite you to our stand!

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