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PROFILE Vehicles Oy is 40 years old ambulance and special vehicles manufacturer from Iisalmi, Finland. It is family-owned private company with additional production sites in Talinn, Estonia and in Budapest, Hungary. The company also runs wide sales and service network throughout Europe and the world. With years of experience PROFILE has gain know how to accommodate very different design requirements and build ambulances for extremely demanding environments

PROFILE Vehicles manufacture highest quality ambulances and other rescue and protection

vehicles. Even at this moment, more than 9.000 PROFILE vehicles run the roads of the world. PROFILE Vehicles manufactures ambulances with high safety and hygiene standards. They are without the doubt the most durable ambulances in the market, with the most updated designs and features. We also partner with top brands such as Mercedez-Benz, Volkswagen/MAN, Fiat and work with the best medical tools providers such as Stryker, Ferno and Weissman.

PROFILE Vehicles can offer technical and maintenance services around the world, thanks to the well established partner and supplier network .

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DenmarkEstoniaFranceGermanyHungaryIcelandItalyKuwaitNorwayOmanPolandQatarRussian FederationSingaporeSwedenUnited Arab Emirates
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