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Since its establishment in 2002, Shantou Wealy Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed into a manufacturer occupying an area of more than 23,500 sequare meters and production premise of about 32,000 sequare meters with its advanced product technology and new equipment, such as advanced production lines, testing devices and instruments. Products are being sold worldwide, such as to Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

We have FDA registered, 510 k and CE certification, ISO 13485, Canada MDL.

The Company's main products are safety syringes, which are divided into three series:

1. Auto-retractable safety syringes (with fixed needle)

2. Auto-retractable Insulin safety syringe

3. Auto-retractable safety syringes (with detachable needle)

The needle of the syringe can automatically retract after injection is finished. This can reduce the risk of needle stick injuries of nurses and the personnel who collect the medical wastes and infection of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS and other infectious diseases. It can achieve the purpose of single use of the syringes.

Our safety syringes are suitable for routine clinical injection and COVID-19 vaccination. We are selling a lot of our safety syringes to the many countries for COVID-19 vaccination. The dead space of our 1ml safety syringe is about 0.02ml, which could meet the demand of low dead space for COVID-19 vaccination.


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