BESA GmbH is the leading innovator in digital EEG and MEG software for research and clinical applications.

Founded by Dr. Michael Scherg in 1995 (under the former name MEGIS Software GmbH), BESA combines expert know-how in the different fields of neuroscience with latest computational techniques. Results are the famous BESA Research, BESA MRI, BESA Connectivity and BESA Statistics software, whose capabilities are appreciated by users in clinical facilities and research institutes all over the world.

The combination of BESA Research, BESA MRI, BESA Connectivity and BESA Statistics offers data analysis ranging from preprocessing through ERP/ERF analysis to source coherence, connectivity analysis, advanced imaging with individual FEM models, cross-subject statistics, and coregistration with individual MRI data.

By combining BESA Research and BESA MRI, BESA created an optimized workflow and a reliable pipeline for the effective processing of EEG and MEG data to save time and gain more information about interictal spikes and seizure onset.

BESA: Experience the future of EEG and MEG analysis in human brain research and clinical work.

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