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POSKOM is a manufacturer that produces various Portable X-ray generators, Mobile X-ray systems, Medical X-ray generators, and Monoblocks and supplies them to 50 countries around the world as POSKOM brands and OEMs.

POSKOM is a global leader in the field of X-ray Imaging equipment and OEM that specializes in producing the world's first battery-powered X-ray generator.

POSKOM invented and commercialized the world's first Battery-powered Portable x-ray generator through technical partnership with Acoma of Japan.

As a globally recognized OEM, POSKOM prides itself on its years of experience and the ability and quality to develop products that meet stringent requirements.

POSKOM provides services to its customer base in 50 countries around the world, including global companies in the medical and healthcare sectors.

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South Korea
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X-Ray Machines, CT

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