Main Item 1: X-Ray Lead-Free (TRU-LITE) and Lead (TRU-COMFI) Radiation Protective Aprons and Associated Accessories

Main Item 2: Flat Panel Interventional Operating Table

Main Item 3: Positioning Blocks

CWORLD has been researching "Radiation Protective Medical Products" to protect the human body from radiation since 2001, and manufactures its own inner material sheet and outer material for products. Our main products are radiation protective aprons for X-ray surgeries or procedures and are used in the operating room, radiology, and nuclear related parts.

List of Certificates: FDA, ISO 13485:2016, PPE Module B EU Type-Examination (IEC/EN 61331-1,3:2014), PPE Module D (CE & UKCA Marking)

First, our lead-free apron's core material is Tungsten compound. Tungsten is a strong raw material, environmentally harmless and recyclable material. The second, our product has waterproof inner and outer fabrics, and an inner net that prevents the apron from sticking to the body due to sweat. Third, our products' inner material shield sheet is lighter, and our products have special outer fabric, which are made with several processes to obtain the high quality. Fourth, when compared to other companies' lead and lead-free aprons, the quality of the stitches is very high. We have been exporting our lead and lead-free products to more than 30 countries and receiving excellent feedback from our customers. Our R&D investments account for more than 10% of annual sales, and our study will also continue.

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