DAEJU MEDITECH ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is an aesthetic medical device manufacturing company providing optimum quality products including all services not only internally in Korea, but throughout Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and other countries. we that leads exports to more than 40 countries with own technology have accumulated know-how in technology development, manufacturing, export, and maintenance etc. with more than 15 years of experience. As the result, we have gained satisfactory trust from customers until now. For your references, our medical devices have been certified with KFDA, TGA, CE, TFDA, GOST, ANVISA approvals and our aesthetic devices have been certified with KC approval in Korea. We are manufacturing the Aesthetic Medical & Beauty Device products as follows;

ⓐQ-S/W Nd YAG laser(ACTIVO),

ⓑ4 types of HIFU devices(cartridge type HIFU: HIPRO and HIPRO-S / one handpiece type HIFU: HIPRO-V / home care type HIFU: HIPRO-Q),

ⓒ808nm diode laser for hair removal(AROMA GRAND),

ⓓCO2 Fractional Laser for skin rejuvenation(PENTAGON GRAND),

ⓔ405nm & 635nm Diode laser for Onychomycosis treatment(TINEA),

ⓕUltrasound Local Dynamic Micro-Massage device for crystal shining skin(HIPRO-L).

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