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Hurev was founded in 2005 in Korea and since 2006 our company manufactured ECG electrodes and provided them to leading local and global companies.

Now Hurev manufactures ECG, EEG, EMG, TENS electrodes, Cast & Splint, SpO2 sensors, and customized electrodes and we have obtained ISO 13485, CE, and other international certificates on the number of products.

In addition, we expanded our business to beauty devices. As result, currently, we manufacture various devices including; Aqua peeling device (InnoFacial series), Water Jet system (EV-JET), and a personalized plasma device (PluE+), and we are providing the number of products to global companies as OEM products as well.

Currently, Hurev has business with 500 different companies in 50 countries. With all of our experience and trust between our customers, it allowed to continue successful business relationship for many years.

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South Korea
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