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Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.


JBP is a world leading company in the area of the placenta-based products over 60 years.

JBP Korea launched the cosmetics brand based on placenta as "Bonny & J 1954" by taking a lot of requests from clinic and aesthetic.

All of the products of "Plareceta" have been used with the raw material of high quality placenta extract imported from JBP with qualified certification.

With Japanese state-of-the-art technology, JBP developed medical devices;

Super Ultra-thin Walled needle/cannula, PDO lift thread and HA filler products. Utilizing Japanese precise metal cutting/ polishing technology, JBP successfully enlarged the needle's diameter allowing medical doctors to use thinner gauge needles for cosmetic treatment injections, Not only needle/cannula product, JBP successfully developed advanced

PDO lift thread product 'JBP V Line' series, HA filler JBP NanoLink Fille HA'as well. JBP will continue to explore areas where our medical device technology can continue to improve our patients' quality of life.

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JapanSouth Korea
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Medical Equipment/Aesthetic
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Needles, Pipettes, Tips

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