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iiSM Inc. is a manufacturer of the most accurate vein finding device/vein detector, Vein Probe.

Vein Probe helps to increase the efficiency of the injection treatments.

Vein Probe hleps to decrease the failure of the injection treatments.

Vein Probe has acheived CE and US FDA. Vein Probe is manufactured based on ISO13485 certification.

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South Korea
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ChinaEgyptFranceJordanMexicoPhilippinesUnited Arab EmiratesUnited States
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Clinics/Medical PracticeHealthcare Agent/Dealer/DistributorHospital LaboratoryHospital PrivateHospital PublicLaboratory Agent/Dealer/Distributor
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Blood Collection EquipmentBlood Transfusion EquipmentVascular Surgical Instruments, Accessories

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