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AMI Italia S.r.l. was founded in the early 1990s with the aim of developing and manufacturing medical devices that best meet the needs of users. AMI Italia has always operated in the medical sector both as a manufacturer and as a direct importer of both electromedical equipment and specialized medical material.

The company then has constantly invested its funds in research and development, creating within it an R&D team of specialized engineers oriented to advanced and innovative design and development of medical devices and focused on a selective strategy focused on products and markets sought, knowing how to grasp the needs of a demanding diversified market.

AMI Italia has invested all its synergies in the development and design of external automatic defibrillators. The decision to develop and market such a product is due to the nature of the pathology to be treated: SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) which, if not treated in time, is destined to evolve into sudden death!

Sudden cardiac death today represents a health problem of considerable importance for all industrialised countries.

AMI Italia is one of the largest manufacturers of defibrillators for the foreign market and today distributes its devices in about 50 countries around the world. In Italy collaborates with recognized partners in health organizations, military, emergency response, Italian sports Federations, sports associations, institutions, municipalities, industries, schools etc. .

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