Our company established in 1994 has worked in cooperation with the industry leading companies such as Abbott, BBraun, Tyco and Covidien for many years. Since 2004, it has been continuing to engage its operations only in the fields of Total Parenteral Nutrition and IV Drug Preparation Systems.

Based on the experience of 17 years in the field of Total Parenteral Nutrition, Er-Med has become a reliable solution partner of healthcare organizations.

It offers a great range of services, in particular, in the field of Total Parenteral Nutrition, for IV drug preparation units from the project design to the turn-key stage, from the creation of a work flow to the maintenance of appropriate quality standards.

The idea of manufacturing Compounder in our country was come up with for the first time in 2012. As a result of 2 year process of project design and R&D efforts, the first device become ready in 2014. Our automatic mixing device SkyComp 2S Compounder, the engineering and software of which have been fully designed and applied in our country, is widely used in many healthcare organizations.

Based on its knowledge and experience in the field of drug preparation, ER-MED has completed its chemotherapy drug preparation project in 2021. Just like Compounders, this Fully Automated Chemotherapy Drug Preparation System is of 100% domestic production.

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