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In 2009, Camex Group founded, Camex Wellness Ltd. - a health and well-being brand to manufacture conceptualized home healthcare products for pain management, pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. Our products are known for their functionality, durability and usability. These healthcare products are non-invasive, easy to carry, easy to use and give relief from pain naturally without any side-effects. You may find the details for the various brands that deal with different technologies (TENS, EMS and CRYO).

WELME : The wearable menstrual pain-relief device from Welme is specially created for women’s care and comfort during painful period days. It is an innovatively designed product from Camex Wellness Ltd. – a health and well-being brand started in 2009 to manufacture conceptualized healthcare products for pain management, pain relief and muscle rehabilitation.

COMPANIO: BodyPulse Next is a pain relief devices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that boosts blood circulation and releases pain relieving hormones endorphins to offer quick relief in leg and foot pain. BodyPulse Next is the pain management devices that stimulates and re-educates your muscles using electric impulses, thereby improving their strength and flexibility.

EXOCOOL : A Revolutionary Pain-Numbing Device

With Exocool, say goodbye to the fear, pain and discomfort of the sharp prick of injection needles. Its cryo-numbing mechanism numbs the area of application in just 8-10 seconds without the use of any medicines or chemicals. Thus, making an injection practically painless. Exocool is made for diverse applications across pediatrics, cosmetic procedures, pathology labs, clinics and at-home use too. All you need to do is – freeze it, apply it to the area of injection, and inject it.

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