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We are factory to produce automated logistics systems, electronic intelligent care equipment, information systems, smart trolleys, Internet ancillary equipment and specialized care equipment and so on . At present, the company is committed to a wide range of hospitals, nursing homes and beauty salons. The commonly used nursing equipment in hospitals, nursing homes, beauty salons, operating rooms and supply rooms, mainly include: multifunctional nursing trolley, multifunctional emergency trolley, anesthesia trolley, treatment trolley, equipment trolley, medicine trolley, IV treatment trolley, waste collecting trolley,laundry collecting trolley, case history trolley,operating connecting trolley,transfer stretcher, equipment cabinet, medicine cabinet, medicine rack, workbench, operating table,infant trolley, child bed, hospital bed, nursing bed and other medcal furniture.

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Clinics/Medical PracticeGovernmentHealthcare Agent/Dealer/DistributorHealthcare AssociationHospital LaboratoryHospital PrivateHospital PublicProfessional AssociationProject ManagementRetailer/Pharmacy
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Beds, Stretchers, HomecareCart, Trolley SystemsIV Pole StandsRevolving Chairs, StoolsStorageUnits, CabinetsWaiting Room Seating, Benches

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