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Ellia Harris is an Innovation Coach and Trainer who helps managers facilitate their team’s creative problem-solving. As a result, they become more effective leaders and their teams come up with better solutions. Unlike other management coaches who focus solely on mindset and behavior, and produce complicated models for creative thinking, our Light Bulb Thinking™ framework helps teams move from “no idea :-/” to “brilliant idea!!” in four simple steps. Light Bulb Thinking™ helps clients to achieve goals, while also building a stronger team and innovation culture. Ellia has been providing training, coaching, and conference sessions in creative problem-solving, innovation, leadership, communication, and productivity over the past 20 years. From her own management experience and her work with clients, Ellia continues to prove that helping staff solve problems creatively is the fastest way for managers to become more effective leaders of high-performing teams. Reach out to Ellia for a free mini-consult at Get a free copy of “What’s Stifling Creativity in Your Organization?”: NAICS: 541611
Point of Contact
Ellia Harris, CEO and Innovation Coach 206-355-3768 (Pacific)